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दोस्तो, मेरी हमेशा से यही कोशिश रही कि मैं कुछ ऐसा करूँ, जिससे देश/समाज में रचनात्मक व सकारात्मक परिवर्तन (Creative & Positive change) आ सके। मैंने अपनी इसी सोच के तहत परम पिता परमेश्वर के आशीर्वाद से यह website बनायी है.......

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Before invite me as a speaker, I want to share something with you……….

Why! motivational seminar???
its usefulness & importance

Over 2000 students have dropped out of  IITs in three years! (2012-2015)


                   Can we consider this news as simple/general news???

                  No, not at all

This is not good news for our nation and society also.

As we all know that IIT entrance exam is considered one of the toughest exams of our country. Student, who qualifies this entrance exam, is considered very smart as well as very lucky also.

This achievement is a prideful moment not only for student but for his/her family also. It is said that from now student future is fully secured, he/she has no need to worry about his/her job.

But this news is very shocking. After facing so many problems on different level, a student got admission in IIT .

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Than what happened?

Why he/she decided to left ? Why he/she think that she/he can not complete this 4 year golden opportunity?

The only and only reason is, his/her lack of self confidence

That’s why they feel so..

No, I can’t do this.

They did not hold the pressure and convince themselves that this fight is very tough for them. And they loose the winning fight . In our society/country We can see/read/hear so many painful news on regular basis. All due to …………

Lack of self-confidence

FRIENDS, MOTIVATIONAL SEMINAR / Motivate My India (आओ अपना आज सँवारें) PLAYS A VERY CRUCIAL AND Important ROLL. With the help of these instruments we try to convince our people that

  • Nothing is more costly than their precious life.
  • They are unique, nobody can replace them.
  • They are the most fortune people of this world.
  • They get what they want, or more than that.
  • They do what they actually want to do.
  • They have great talent and they are not less than anyone in any aspect.

In short we convert their confidence in self confidence. We try to make their self confidence as deep and great as our mountain. You can see any successful person’s biography you find that the secret of success was…………….his/her self confidence.

In Seminar we try to nourish their thinking in this way that if they want to do anything they think only this………….

Yes I can do it

Nothing is impossible for me

I am the son/daughter of supreme power ……….PARAM PITA PARMESHWA I am fully capable to do anything and to get anything…..or more than that. (Muskil kuch bhi nahi)

My main focus is on the students who are studying in between ……(10th to undergraduate )………..WHY???


            Imagine that God comes into your dream and said that my son/daughter I give you the power to change or to improve 5-6 years of your life so that you can make your life good.

                                           Than what will be that time???

                I am sure that this time will be your  youth time and this will be 10th to undergraduate.

                Because this is very special and precious time of our life. In this time our dream converts into reality. Our whole life is depending upon what we learnt in this time????

               If we live this time well than our life will be awesome otherwise it will be vice- versa.

                So my main focus is on those students who are living in this golden era of life.

Our mission

My mission is to develop our upcoming generation with full of self confidence. So that they can actually live their life and become a good human being as well as good citizen of our country.

My mission is that,

                   They should not consider their bad conditions as their fortune,

                            But they believe in discover their fortune.

They are fully self confident and make their fortune by themselves.

With the help of seminar we not only make their present good but we make their future best.

My experience about my seminars

I strongly believe that there is only one solution of all type of problems………

Self confidence

In my motivational seminar, my main focus is to develop self confidence in individual/group.

I inspire & encourage individuals to realize their actual potential.

My experience says that there is extreme Positive Energy in our youth.(here youth refers the person who is ready to learn, no matter what his/her age is.)
I strongly believe that

YOUTH are THE REAL FATE CREATOR of our nation.

( युवा हमारे देश के असली भाग्य विधाता हैं)

They can do WONDERS.
Only need is to………
guide them, 
understand them, 
show our believe in them, 
love them,
and the most important thing is to realize them that…………


In short there is 


so it is my mission to motivate my Youth FRIENDS
because i want to create REVOLUTIONARY & POSITIVE change in society, 
so that MY nation can become SUPER POWER.

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